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I am a young ornithologist and herpetologist, wildlife photographer, and videographer and proud follower of Jesus Christ. I mostly photograph birds, reptiles, and amphibians. I am a proud member of the COL and the GANaL. Most of my images and videos are taken with my Canon DSLR 90D and my Canon EF 100-400mm F5.6


Hello! My name is Kahleo Thompson and I am a young photographer. Born in California, I lived by a small park that was full of snakes, coyotes, quails and much more. I was always fascinated by the fauna and flora surrounding me! 

When I moved to Switzerland I became a bird fanatic and went birding all the time. In 2020 Covid-19 hit and I was confined. But luckily for me, I lived in the countryside so I went outside every day. My dad had bought me a Sigma DG 150-500mm lens and gave me his old Canon 5D mark I. I decided it was the perfect time to start photography! 

Since then, I've been doing photography and videography and have upgraded my gear to a Canon EOS 90D with a EF Canon 100-400mm lens. I have also not only found interest in birds but in all living creatures around me!

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